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Infrared Pothole Repair

Infrared Pothole Repair

Infrared asphalt recycling is in-place reheating of asphalt by means of energy producing equipment designed to soften the bitumen without burning it which allows for reworking the pavement.

A brief explanation of heat energy transfer helps to provide an understanding of  how asphalt softening works and how long it effectively takes to “melt the pavement.” Heat energy transfers by three modes:

1. Convection – air circulation and diffusion.

2. Radiation – travel of wavelengths through air.

3. Conduction- transfer through a solid material.

Infrared Asphalt Repairing - How It's Done

Whenever performing an infrared repair it is necessary to clean the area of dirt and debris. Dirt is an insulator of the radiation absorbing into the pavement as well as a contaminant if raked into the repair.

Damaged asphalt can be repaired by infrared pothole repair.       Cleaning area to be repaired.

2. WE HEAT THE AREA. We position the IR unit over the area to be repaired. 

 Infrared unit heats damaged area.



Damaged asphalt can be repaired by infrared pothole repair.         Infrared unit heats damaged area.

When raking a newly softened area, we always  maintain a minimum three inch perimeter inside of the heated area (often called picture framing). This allows for a permanent hot joint bond upon compaction

5. REJUVENATE. Asphalt rejuvenator is a manufactured emulsion that absorbs, or penetrates, pavement and restores the reactive components (maltenes) lost to oxidation. We use and recommend a product called CRF that is applied at the rate of .12 gallons per square yard to restore flexibility to the recycled pavement.  

Asphalt Rejuvenator is added

6. ADD NEW ASPHALT. Nearly all infrared repairs will require some new asphalt. We use an Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer to keep hotmix asphalt ready for your repairs at any time.

Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer keeps asphalt ready.

7. COMPACT. Standard compaction methods apply when compacting an infrared patch.

Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer keeps asphalt ready.    Compacting a patch

8. APPLY A FINISH COAT OF REJUVENATOR AND SAND THE REPAIR. After compaction, a final coat of rejuvenator (.10 gals/ yd. sq.) will complete the repair. We focus the spray application at the edges of the repair area specifically rejuvenating the heated but not scarified pavement as well as a light coat across the entire project. Then use asphalt fines, silica sand or alike to fill any small voids and absorb any excess rejuvenator (keeping it from tracking into a building).

Applying a finishing coat.

9. FINAL CLEAN UP.  We sweep and shovel any leftover debris on the jobsite.

* Professional Repair which is 50% cheaper than traditional methods

* Green Technology: Recycles existing material and consumes 80% less energy

* Area of use: Pot holes, Cracks,Oil Pitting,Trench Surfaces, Failed Joints.


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